Romeo and Juliet

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  1. What are some basic differences in values and concerns between Romeo and Juliet’s generation and their parents’ generations? You must use evidence to support your answer.
  1. In Romeo and Juliet’s times, marriage was forever. Has this notion of marriage changed in recent times? Do you agree with arranged marriages? Why or why not?
  1. Think of a person you know who can be described either as fortunate or as unfortunate. Is his or her fortune, or lack of it, the result of fate or destiny? Or is it the result of the person’s character?
  1. Which events in Act One seem most important in setting up conflicts in the plot? Which events seem to suggest a possible theme?
  1. A foil is a character who highlights, through sharp contrast, the qualities of another character. As mentioned in class, Mercutio is a comic foil to Romeo. Identify two other characters in Act One who are foils for each other. What do you learn about the characters by seeing them in contrast to one another?
  1. What do you think Shakespeare is telling us about life up to this point in the play?
  1. Is Romeo and Juliet living up to your expectations? Explain
  1. The big question: “Is LOVE stronger than HATE?” What great irony has Juliet just begun to grasp about love and hate in Act 1 Scene 5?
  1. Based on his actions in Act 1, what can you say about Romeo’s character? You must use three quotes to support your answer.
  1. What words would you use to describe this meeting of Romeo and Juliet? Why have you chosen these descriptive words? Support your answer with evidence.

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