Risk Management

This paper should be about Risk Management and measures taken by leadership to minimize errors keeping patient safety in the forefront.

Introduction – is where you jusify the significance of the topic and cleary state the purpose of the paper. this will be no longer than 1-2 paragraphs. be sure to include a thesis statement
Review of the literature. this will contain the main content of your paper. this is where you will describe your topic, what others have said about it, what research has been done and how it applies to you professionally as a nurse. be sure to use all 5 journal articles
conclusion – summarize what you have said and describe how you will apply the leadership or management issue in your future work place.
reference page – follow apa guidelines. you should have at least 5 references. make sure that all are references in the reference list are cited in the paper.
headings0 use headings to identify key elements of your paper. since the paper will only be 8 pages in length, you will need only two levels of headings. 

Format of paper: 
title page
introduction with a thesis statement
body of paper (review of the key literature related to the concept or issue)
summary and conclusion
reference list


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