Retail and Services Marketing

Assignment 1: Retail and Services Marketing 
Module Code and Name: M019 Retail and Service Marketing 
Regular Assignment Understanding Retail and Services Marketing Word Count: 2000 
Following your initial study of the nature and role of retail and the global environment in which it operates you are required to respond to 3 short answer questions, drawing on your own independent research. 
Understanding Retail and Services Marketing: 
Within the time constraints outlined by your tutor, please respond to the following 3 short answer questions. 
 There has been a significant rise in e-tailing in the last 15 years within the western countries; however e-tailing is still in an infancy stage in other parts of the world, critically evaluate this statement in regards to either high street clothing sector or luxury clothing sector.
 Retail internationalisation is much more than the opening of stores abroad. Provide a critical review of this statement. 
 Provide a critique on how international retailers can achieve competitive advantage through after sales service. 

Please use the frameworks below
1. 7Ps
2. Customer loyalty ladder (details are shows on the slide)
3. Dimension of retail (details are shows on the slide)
4. Pull and Push (details are shows on the slide)
5. STP
6. other framework mentioned on the slide
7. other framework you think it is necessary to add in this essay

!!! please make sure that this essay is relate to knowledge of the slide (i will send the document to you), otherwise it should have low grade !!!

Tutor also provide a content example for us, but make sure don’t copy this one, because it didn’t got good grade, please improve it or use a better one!
1. Introduction
2. Section one: E-tailing
2.1. An evolution of E-tailing
2.2. the effect of e-tailing in high street
2.3. high street retailers in the western countries
2.4. a trend of e-tailing in other parts of the world
3. section two: retail internationalization
3.1. business internationalisation 
3.2. STP analysis
4. section three: store design and store merchandising
4.1. the important of store design
4.2. ladder of customer loyalty
5. conclusion
6. recommendation


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