Researchers at Purdue university and Wichita state university

researchers at Purdue university and Wichita state university found that airlines are doing a better job of getting passengers to their destinations on time (Associated press, April 2, 2012). Air Tran Airways and Southwest Airlines were among the leaders in on-time arrivals with both having 88% of their flights arriving on time. But for the 12% of flights that were delayed, how many minutes were these flights late? Sample data showing the number of minutes that delayed flights were late are provided in the file named Air Delay. Data are shown for both airlines

A. Formulate the hypotheses that can be used to test for a difference between the population mean minutes later for delayed flights by these two airlines.

B. What is the sample mean number of minutes late for delayed flights for each of these two airlines?

C. Using a .05 level of significance, what is the p-value and what is your conclusion

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