Research in Security and Strategic Studies

Course Name : Research in Security and Strategic Studies

Guidelines to the Exam:

We will have a final exam and I have to prepare my assignment before the exam.

It’s the same structure for the previous work. 

This is the information provided by the professor:
At the same time we will evaluate the course learning outcomes of your output, making sure that you have met and completed the course learning outcomes. 

Considering the above, please do the following steps. 

1. Read the Syllabus to remind your selves of the Course Learning Outcomes.
Course Learning Outcome:

* Identify research questions of utility to professional practice and design a methodology to address them; 

* Assess quality and rigor in evaluating a qualitative research study in ethical norms
* Apply and explain the importance of quantitative analysis in practical security and strategy situations
* Enable students to solve and discuss security and strategy problems using quantitative and qualitative analysis 

* Work on a research project, requiring the use of data collection, qualitative and quantitative analysis methods 

2. Look at the Material uploaded on the decision on Climate change, which is yet another issue of Security and Strategy. 

Subject of Research: “Environmental Security”
Please, read and use updated information on the Environmental security issues. 

How did the discussion on environment come about starting from the Johanesburg Protocol, leading up to the Kuoto Protocol through variety of legal and political procedures over time from the 1970s onwards. 

Look at the Kyoto protocol, explain describe and analyse. 
Considering the Paris Agreement, Consider making a comparative approach to the subject.
This is an extra value mission to your Course on how to research, that is called comparative approaches to research.
You are requested to complete a structured paper in which they should include the following elements:

Title your paper in a specialized, way as instructed in class, reflecting the course learning outcomes on the Research in Strategic and Security Studies.
a.       It should include clear structure
b.      Statements and arguments
c.       Methodology and research orientation (quantitative basically research)
d.      Main description and analysis
e.       First outcomes of each section from analysis
f.       Clear chapters if you need to create chapters.
g.       Clear English Grammar and Syntax. Small sentences
h.      Properly cited(referenced sentences)
i.        Clarity in your argument, make sure that the paper is easily readable
j.        Your subject should be very specific not general 
k.      References should be in the Chicago style of references 
l.        A clear proposal chapter. With descent proposals that come forth after the analysis
m.    Clear conclusion with the overview of the reasoning, statement and lessons learned.
n.      Way forward this time? (open door policy)
Chicago style use as both references and citations. 

Please put all your references according to the Chicago style. 
3.      Cite your work inside the document. If necessary use footnotes. Make sure the work is yours at all times. The more information and reference you add to the paper the more value you add.

1- Update references 2015/2016
2- Use 3 Books, 4 Academic journals and 4 official website. 
3-Chicago Style Writing


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