Reputational Risk Management

Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed. 

1. critically appraise conceptual, organisational, regulatory and environmental perspectives on risk
2. identify and evaluate the principal risks in banking and insurance
4. analyse the performance of managerial and operational strategies to manage risk
5. engage in independent research to evaluate the effectiveness of risk management initiatives and their impact in the financial services sector 


****Assignment Details and Instructions.


You are a Risk Manager at a major UK bank (Barclays) and have been asked to write a report explaining the importance and significance of reputational risk to the bank’s board of directors.

( The Bank that I choose is Barclays in UK )

**Specific Requirement;

In the above context;

Choose any UK based bank (Barclays) and using the simplified approach to risk management below explain to the board of directors what specific measures the organisation should be taking to effectively manage its reputational risk.


Measure / Risk Management / Evaluate



Additional guidance

You should allocate the available word count evenly between the four elements of the simplified approach to risk management shown above. 

As well as referring to a range of relevant academic literature sources, you will be expected to support their narrative with examples relating to the specific UK based bank chosen (Barclays).

• Students are required to write a report not an essay of 2000 words.

• The word count excludes references and tables.

• You should base the discussion and support your views / arguments / conclusions by reference to the thoughts of others that you will have read in the literature.

• You should also support your views and statements that you make by providing, where appropriate, up-to-date examples from the banking / regulatory and financial services sector;

• Correct use of the Harvard referencing system is required and all sources used must be fully acknowledged in the essay and its reference list


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