Rental housing affordability

For the housing crises, rental housing affordability.

write a short position paper that
1) addresses the context for the crisis, specifically by highlighting
the planning decisions as well as social trends that got us to this point,
2) proposes one strategy to help ameliorate the crisis,
3) identifies one possible barrier to implementing this strategy, and
4) suggests one way that this barrier could be overcome. Evidence (facts,
examples, personal experiences, or expert opinions) should be provided to support claims

References to at least three different required class readings and four different resources from outside the class must be made. Resources from outside the class can include non-required chapters in The Affordable Housing Reader, Housing Policy in the United States

All ideas and facts drawn from outside sources must be fully cited.

The paper should be written in a publicly accessible style, such as a guest article a newspaper or online magazine, and have a catchy, informative title. Aim to write between four and six double-spaced pages in Times New Roman 12 point font

grading rubric:
• Includes at least six citations: 10 points
• Addresses the context for the crisis: 20 points
• Proposes one remedial strategy: 20 points
• Identifies one barrier to implementation: 20 points
• Suggests how to overcome the barrier: 20 points
• Grammatical correctness and clarity: 10 points


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