Religions of the World. 13th ed.

Content Expectation for Final Exam — discussion/presentation: Demonstrate
the student’s ability to synthesize material learned. Each student will be expected
to participate without reading from notes. In five minutes or less, the student will be expected to name a common thread/theme/feature found in the religions studied during the course. That common thread/theme/basic feature must be explained as it is found in FOUR of the religions covered during the course, and the student must convey its relevance to her or his understanding of contemporary life. A student may not compare Judaism, Christianity and Islam, but may compare two of these four monotheistic religions with two other religions studied during the course (for example, defining and comparing the idea/concept of a divinity in Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism; or defining and comparing ritual in Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Native American Religions). If you practice one of the religions we have studied, you may not use that as one of your four selections. Applicable follow up questions from the instructor to demonstrate adequate command of the material may ensue

Text Books and Materials: Hopfe, Lewis M. and Mark R. Woodward. Religions of the World. 13th ed.
Pearson, 2016


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