Reducing hospitalization and re-hospitalization rates while improving quality outcomes and reducing overall costs to the healthcare system

Wilkes University
School of Nursing
Nursing 290
Current Trends in Nursing Paper Instructions
Instructions: Select one topic covered in this course related to a current issue or trend in nursing. Write a 6-7 page paper to include the following:
1. Identify the issue or trend selected and discuss why this is considered important to nursing and/or health care.
2. Briefly discuss factors that influence the selected issue or trend. Provide statistics about the issue, if available.
3. Discuss some possible solutions to the selected problem.
4. Discuss how nurses can become involved to influence change, if needed.
5. The paper should be 6-7 double-spaced pages. APA format and appropriate references and citations should be used.

Please include a title page and reference page not included in paper content page count use APA format. A running head is necessary as well.


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