Reader Respose

My only designations are that you should write about the material that we have read, viewed, and discussed in Unit’s Two and Three. Thus: Dexter and Natural Born Killers, our readings from Natural Born Celebrities, and any concepts discussed in the discussion sections or lectures within those areas.

Example questions/topics: Compare the levels of violence in Dexter or Natural Born Killers–and the supposed purpose for this visual violence on screen. What do the filmmakers or directors want us to see in their work? Why are they doing it? Are the filmmakers critiquing violence or just sensationalizing it? Theorize about why Dexter and Mickey/Mallory have become pop culture icons? What are they fulfilling for their audiences? Other ideas could be built from any discussion question in the last two units work.

Specifics: These reader responses should be two-pages in length, double-spaced, with one inch margins, and normal pitch fonts. Longer writing will not garner you a better grade, so use the format to show your precision, focus, and support clearly within the space allowed. The work should be, otherwise in APA format, with a thesis or argument.

Resources: Your will not be required to use any resources to complete these essays, outside of our classroom text, Natural Born Celebrities or the films under consideration. If you choose to use quotations from any text, however, please use the APA format for citations.

APA: (Links to an external site.)


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