Rationality in Food Decision Making – Insights from Behavioral Economics

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So far these are the guidelines:
A 17 page APA-style paper on the topic named in the title.
– The references listed below should be used as main sources. But your paper should be
based on other journal articles (e.g. Journal of Consumer Research, Appetite, Food Quality and
Preference, Journal of Marketing etc.), books and reports.

Check your paper for the following aspects:
– Does it have its own structure (don’t copy the chapter’s structure)?
– Do I relate my topic to a relevant context (why is my topic important against the background of
Food Economics? / Why is my topic relevant?)
– Do I have theoretical foundation?
– Are there any critical parts that other authors mention or that I can identify? Can I identify areas of
future research / trends?

Guidelines for the format of the paper:
– Length: 14 pages
– Layout: Times New Roman 12 font size, blocked, 1.5 line spacing
– Write a ½ page abstract at the beginning of your paper
– Citations: Be consistent!

Main sources to base the paper on:
Just, D.R.: Behavioral Economics and the Food Consumer. Pp.99-118. Additional Source:
Wansink, B. (2010). Mindless Eating. Why we eat more than we think. New York: Bantam Books.
AND http://mindlesseating.org/

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