Race, Space and Citizenship

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Critical comment essay of: David Theo Goldberg, “Blue Velvet” in the electronic journal VECTORS. This is an interactive article on race and space and hurricane Katrina.

1.Spend an hour playing with the site.
2.As you travel through the site, identify what it seems to be saying about race and space.
3.Take three terms as examples (for example: “redlining” and discuss what the argument is.)
4. Identify how racial power is expressed in your three examples.
5. Identify the relationship between race, space and citizenship.

Once you have taken notes on the above, construct your paper:
1.What is the argument you wish to make about the site? This could be something positive and/or negative. Write the first paragraph of your paper summarizing your argument.
2.Give a road map of the paper, e.g. To support this argument I will explore x, y, z.
3.Plan each paragraph (10in total), starting with the topic sentence.
4.Avoid the following: the passive voice; words like irregardless; two sentence paragraphs, spelling mistakes, unreferenced work.

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