Quiz study guide for Physical Geography on Energy-Atmosphere System.

1.  Through a discussion of the earth’s tilt with respect to the sun, explain why annual air temperature is very constant near the equator and highly variable in the mid-latitudes. Thoroughly discuss the earth’s tilt and its revolution about the sun in the formation of summer and winter. Explain how the earth’s tilt and revolution affect the quantity of insolation a mid-latitude area received throughout the year. Explain how the earth’s tilt and revolution affect the quantity of insolation an equatorial area receives throughout the year.

2.  Describe how the atmosphere is heated. In your answer you should differentiate between the short and long wave radiation and how these forms of radiation heat objects on the ground and in the atmosphere.

3.  Describe the basic nature of the atmosphere and how interaction between it and the sun impact the planet. In your answer describe what the atmosphere is made of (generally) and explain why and how it exerts pressure, explain how sun/atmosphere interaction produce atmospheric heating, and discuss how this impacts atmospheric pressure.

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