Public policy — Policy cycle analysis

Please this is Policy cycle analysis. The template is attached 

This activity is designed to motivate you to think about the policy cycle as a system of interrelated steps. Using the template provided, briefly explain why each of the stages in the policy cycle provides an important contribution to the policy making process in theory.

Note: The word limit for this assessment item has been intentionally kept short about 600 – 700 word. The restricted word limit offers you the opportunity to practice summarising complex material into short clear explanations.

To be successful in this activity, you need to show that you have a clear and accurate understanding of:

the definition of each stage within the policy cycle
the relationship between each of the stages
problems that can arise for practitioners when designing and implementing policy in line with the cycle.
When preparing to complete the template you should:

research the individual stages of the policy cycle to ensure that you have:
a good understanding of the definitions of each stage
knowledge of authors who have contributed to the development of policy cycle stages
evidence of problems associated with application of the policy cycle in practice.
When completing the template you should: 

be clear and concise, and express your understanding as efficiently and effectively as you can
make adequate reference to the relevant authors or practitioners whose thoughts or initiatives have provided insight for your answer.


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