Psychological studies

Q1:After reading “Ten psychological studies that will change what you think you know about yourself” (in course reading), select one that resonated the most with you. Find the original study in the online library so you can have a solid look at the original research. Discuss what you found surprising or impactful, and the key features that you learned.

Q2:Q1 – How are critical thinking skills helpful in your respective personal and professional roles? Of the various terms defined on the Critical Thinking foundation web site, which do you seek to develop further? Why?

Q3:Q2 – How does a biopsychosocial approach inform our understanding of individual development?

Drawing upon each component, describe your own developing context and which features have shaped you the most.

Q4:The average person spends about one-third of his or her life asleep. In your opinion, is this a wasteful or a productive use of our time? WHY? Do you feel you would benefit by changing your sleep habits? WHY? As appropriate, use your experiences to support your response.


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