Prosocial behavior

introduction outline assignment

Independent variable – gender of person holding the door

Dependent variable – door-holding effort

Research question – does gender impact door-holding effort

Hypothesis – males will put forth more effort to hold the door than females


How this affects your assignment:

Our hypothesis concerns the role of gender so the introduction will also focus on this.  Think about how prosocial behavior might be affected by gender stereotypes and gender social norms. For those of you who considered gender differences for the lit review assignment those papers might be useful.


Here are some suggestions for topics to include in your introduction:

  • Prosocial behavior
  • Social norms
  • Sex norms/Gender norms
  • Gender roles
  • Gender stereotypes
  • Social role theory
  • Sex role theory
  • Social learning theory
  • Evolutionary theory


Other things to remember:

Start the introduction with a “hook”; try your best to engage the reader.  Discuss the research question in broad terms.


In the last portion of the introduction, explain your variables and hypothesis and talk about implications if your hypothesis is correct.


Use the website from the last hw 

you should use 5 articles peer-reviewed, use the 2 articls peer-reviewed that you already use in the last hw so you just need to find 3 more articls peer-reviewed

At least 3 pages

APA format

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