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Over the past four weeks, I’ve been building a project. So far:
Week 1: PART 1 of the Project
Defining the Project
Week 2: PART 2: Determine Resources
Resources Needed
Week 3: PART 3: Creating Critical path
Building a Critical Path for a Project
Week 4: PART 4: Creating Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment
This week is the fifth week which is the next step of the project. The purpose of this week is to build a Project Communication Plan.
Project Management is not just doing tasks and you have success. There are many critical aspects of project management relating directly to communication.
[Visit the Tech Republic website listed below:]
[Read the article: “Communication plans are key to project success”]
Then Answer the following Questions:
• Why is the development of a communication plan so critical to the success of the Project?
• In your current business are there any specific communication quirks that would need to be addressed in your project communication plan? Explain
• In your own opinion are there items that you feel are very critical and others may not see the value – If so why are they important and as Project Manager will you add them to the Communication Plan? Explain

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