product in the luxury field "Rolex"

Part I Consumer decision process

In each step you have to give concrete examples of the company ads , actions strategies and explain how the brand is that targeting consumers who have active or inactive pb, how the brand is concretely trying to be present in the source of information about the chosen luxurious product (identifiy those sources specifically for your category of luxurious product) give examples of ads that show that the brand is targeting consumers using a specific choice rule. check the website of the company, There may be infornation that may help ? Design and develop by yourselves ads that fit to the different part considered.

Part II Perception

Give examples of ads or actions that explain how the brand is responding to the selectivity and subjectivity of the perception. propose ads and strategies

Part III learning theories

Give examples of ads or actions that explain how the brand is teaching consumers and explain what kind of learning is it using. propose ads and strategies for other learning models

Part IV Motivation

Make interviews and use projective techniques to identify some latent and manifest motives

Part V Attitude

Based on the motives identified, develop the items that my measure each components of the attitude


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