Probability Distributions – Critical Thinking and Values for Effective Problem Solving

This is for an Intro To Statistics Class:

Below are 2 responses to the same question….Explain how an understanding of probability can enhance responsible stewardship, respect, and community.

Please write a response to each of the responses below. Please identify them as Response #1 and Response #2.

Response #1

Responsible stewardship implies being creative and using, to the best of our abilities, the resources that have been provided to us to invent new ways to propel ourselves forward. Be it by technology, new advances in medicine, or even life hacks that make everyday tasks easier, we must seek to evolve. In this way, we can be of service to others, thereby enhancing our communities and improving the quality of life for its inhabitants. It is up to us to incessantly progress towards a better and brighter future for ourselves and the generations to come. We must live with purpose and be an example of goodness in a way that is productive, and inspires others to do the same, thus resonating God’s love from within us through the work that we do. Respect, entails being open-minded about the differences that we all share because diversity provides for ingenuity, and when we show admiration toward one another by celebrating those differences we are able to be united and use that ingenuity for the betterment of humanity. Lastly, community is the heart of the ideals of responsible stewardship and respect, and brings to light why these values are so important. We all want to belong, and belonging to some place that is united in the spirit of love, service, and progressivism ensures our happy and successful survival and moves us closer to the love of God. 
Statistics enhances these ideals because it is a key factor in stimulating progressiveness and improving the human condition. Like the example of Florence Nightingale provides, statisticians have the audacious job of collecting and analyzing data to find ways to advance our lives. In agriculture, they study pesticides and crop management to improve farming techniques. In engineering, they work in electronics and pollution control to detect problems and minimize chemical waste. In manufacturing, they help to build the best products and improve on quality assurance and quality control. In just about every aspect of life, statics can be used to improve on it. It is the language of progression; thus, statistics is the embodiment of the focus behind responsible stewardship, respect, and community.

Response #2

Responsible stewardship requires innovation that is used to improve our skills and abilities. Our society is constantly improving thanks to the creativity of our people, 
Every institution should have their commitment written on paper, this will help other generations to remain on the same path, without causing any confusion amongst them. 
Inside of an organization or group there should be key members who are responsible and who is willing to set the example, these individuals are responsible for leading their people by example. They are also the go to guys for any matters that might affect the organization
Good listeners, it seems to be an easy tasking, however many of us find hard to listen to our people, a good listener know their people; and provide them with new Ideas, these ideas are use by many people. 

12 pt. font
Double Spaced
Times New Roman
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