Probability and Statistics for Engineers


Use Excel, Minitab, ?R? or any other software of your choice to analyze the data provided in excel file.
Minitab tutorials are available in the MeetMinitab file on the course homepage in webcourses. If you decide to use Excel, ensure that the Analysis ToolPak add-in is present.
Visit: if you don?t have it.
? Every graph must have appropriate titles and subtitles (if necessary).
? Numerical answers must be given to 3 decimal places.
? Show all workings clearly and logically.
? No hardcopy of the project will be accepted. Only MS World and .PDF file submissions will be accepted and all submissions must be made in the webcourses.
? The questions are worth 98 points in total and remaining 2 points will be awarded to those with professional presentation.
? This is an individual assignment. No collaboration among students is allowed.

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