Probability and Distribution based off multiple random variables

We were asked to solve a probability problem that involves 2 or more random variables.

The main objective is to obtain a probability function to know if a videogame that came out in japan first, will be localized to America.

In the excel spread sheet I gathered a sample in with the following variables:

Result: Came to America. This field result will always have either a 1 ( = yes, it was localized to america) or 0 ( = no, it wasn’t localized).

Random Variable #1; Sales in japan (million of units). This is self explanatory, it explains the number units that were sold in japan for the specified game.

Random Variable #2: Genre. The genre represents the kind of game that the game is. The number in the fields represent a certain genre of game. It goes from 1-8 and the meanings are next to the column in case its necessary.


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