Preliminary Capstone Paper

Problem Statement:

“Develop a culturally competent intervention educational tool to assess nurses competency of folk medicine, dietary plan, physical activity, and stress management to improve health care outcomes and disease management for hypertensive Haitian Male immigrants in the United States”.

Purpose of the Project:

“The purpose of the project is to enhance nurses awareness and competency when caring for male Haitian immigrants in the United States diagnosed with hypertension by incorporating folk medicine, dietary plan, physical activities, and stress management for best health outcomes and treatment adherence”.

Now here what I need the paper to include:

1. An Introduction to the Problem with an abbreviated literature review to substantiate the problem. Please use epidemiological data.

2. Clearly identify the Problem supported by peer-reviewed sources.

3. The Significance of the Problem-Why is this problem significant in terms of nursing and healthcare outcomes/delivery.

4. What is the Purpose of the project and Why is this project important to do?

5. Identify goals for the project that are measurable and feasible.

The writer needs to use APA 6th edition. Information should be well-organized with well-constructed paragraphs and subheadings. 

All references must be from relevant Peer-reviewed sources, within a 5 year time frame or are classic references.


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