power systems nagrath problem 4.4

A three-phase, 250 MVA, 16 kV rated synchronous generator is feeding into an infinite bus bar at 15 kV. The generator has a synchronous reactance of 1.62 pu. It is found that the machine excitation and mechanical power input are adjusted to give E = 24 kV and power angle δ = 30 degree.

a) Determine the line current and active and reactive power fed to the generator terminal.

b) The mechanical power input to the generator is increased by 20% from that in part (a) but its excitation is not changed. Find the new line current and power factor.

c) With reference to part (a) current is to be reduced by 20% at the same power factor by adjusting mechanical power input to the generator and its excitation. Determine E, angle δ and mechanical power input.

d) With the reduced current as in part (c), the power is to be delivered to generator terminal at unity power factor, what are the corresponding values of E and δ and also the mechanical power input to the generator.

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