Police Accountability



Essay (100%)

The word length for this assignment is 3000 words (including footnotes; excluding bibliography). Either the Harvard or OSCALA referencing styles may be used.

Please be aware of the University of Wolverhampton policy on plagiarism, which can be found on the University of Wolverhampton web pages. You should note that the “Turnitin” web programme can easily identify those essays reliant on plagiarised material. Students who breach the plagiarism rules will incur severe penalties.

Assignments should be submitted by midnight on Friday 15 January 2016. Students must submit their assignments online using the Assessment section of the Wolf page (clearly stating your student number and essay title).

Please answer the following question:


  1. Critically analyse whether and to what extent the UK’s architecture for police accountability has had a chilling effect on police use of ordinary stop and search powers.

Students should bear in mind the module objectives when writing their assignments. Essays should have an appropriate introduction and a cohesive and clear structure. Statements, facts and evidence should be supported by a reference/ source where appropriate. Where sentences or statements from others are quoted directly, they must be in quotation marks or italicised and referenced. Students, if they choose to, can submit the first 500 words of their draft essay for formative assessment by midnight on Friday 4 December 2015 (as per last semester). A relevant link will be put on Wolf.



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