Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development

After you have completed the Reading, and watched the videos on early childhood development (on page 122 of your Digital Book), and attachment (on page 135), post your initial response to the following questions and statements

1. Using the video on early childhood development, explain what stage the children in the video would be in according to Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development. Utilizing Piaget’s Theory, explore the specific components that pertain to the stage of development of the children in the video. Be sure to include information related to the role culture plays in development according to Piaget. Assess whether any of the specifics that apply to this stage of development were present in the video.

2. Using the same early childhood development video, illustrate how Vygotsky would explain the development of the children in the video. Be certain to include specific aspects of Vygotsky’s theory (for example: scaffolding and zone of proximal development) in your answer. Summarize the role that culture plays in development according to Vygotsky.

3. After viewing the video on attachment, determine how theorists, such as Bowlby and Erikson, would explain the scenarios. In your answer, specify how different aspects of attachment were present in the videos (for example: separation anxiety, attachment quality, temperament). Evaluate the role that culture plays regarding attachment.

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