Physics Laboratory TA

Results: Include 13 tables and 12 graphs. There must be an x vs. t, v vs. t, and a vs. t table and graph for every run. (4 runs, 3 tables and 3 graphs per run). The v vs. t and a vs. t tables can be produced by following the example in your lab manuals. Refer to the page in the Lab which displays the 3 tables and an x vs. t graph. The graphs must be scatter plots. The x vs. t graphs must contain a polynomial tread line while the v vs. t and a vs. t graphs must contain a linear tread line. The equations of these tread lines must be displayed on the graph.

The 13th table contains the 4 accelerations from each v vs. t graph, which can be obtained by the “m” value (in y = mx + b) from the v vs. t equation of the line. This table must also include the mean of the 4 accelerations. Every acceleration must have an uncertainty of +/- s.d. For example, if your acceleration is 9.9 m/s^2 and your standard deviation of the 4 accelerations is 0.3, then your acceleration must be displayed 9.9 +/- 0.3 m/s^2 on your table.

Sample Calculations: There are only four sample calculations in this lab: velocity, acceleration, standard deviation, and the mean.

Data Analysis: Only answer Q2b. from your lab manual.

For the remaining sections, please refer to your syllabi. Since you haven’t received feedback from your Density Lab Reports, I am extending the deadline for the Free Fall Lab Report to next Tuesday night, Feb 23rd. I am also extending the deadline because this lab report has a lot of data processing to produce the 13 tables and 12 graphs. If you’re having difficulty with excel, such as displaying a tread line and the equation of the line, I highly recommend coming to class this Tuesday night with questions.

Your Force Table Pre-Labs are still due this Tues, Feb 16th. I look forward to seeing you guys Tuesday night! As always, email me if you have any further questions.

Physics Laboratory TA


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