Please write a minimum of 750 words answering it. Please cite your sources – use either of the TWO styles (APA or Chicago) .
Choose one of the case studies. Give an ethical analysis of it (i.e. say what should or should not be done and why), and explain whether you are reasoning from an Egoist, Utilitarian, Kantian or Virtue Ethics basis (or some mixture of these).
A Dispute about Prenatal Diagnosis
Rhoda Cermak is 37 and pregnant for the first time. She and her husband, James, say they are devout Christians. Early on in their relationship, Dr. Michelle Patterson tells Mrs. Cermak that she should have an ultrasound in order to determine that “everything is okay with the pregnancy.” 
After consultation with her husband, Mrs. Cermak tells Dr. Patterson that they will not accept any kind of ultrasound. They say that the only purpose of the ultrasound would be to weed out a problem child, and they are willing to take any child that God sends them. In fact, Mrs. Cermak has a sister with Down syndrome, and she worries that doctors are trying to get rid of all people with disabilities. She says the ultrasound results would make no difference to her at all. She strongly suggests that if Dr. Patterson pushes the point, she will find another doctor. Dr. Patterson knows that because of her advance maternal age, there is an increased risk that Mrs. Cermak’s baby will have some kind of disability. 
1. What are Mrs. Cermak’s reasons for not wanting an ultrasound?
2. Do you think Dr. Patterson has a duty to try and persuade Mrs. Cermak to change her mind? If so, how far should she try to do so? If not, do you think Dr. Patterson would be opening herself up to a charge of medical malpractice if the baby were born with a problem? 
3. What strategies could you suggest to bring Mrs. Cermak and Dr. Patterson to some kind of agreement, so that Mrs. Cermak does not leave the practice?


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