Part 3 of Integrated Unit Plan

For Part 3 of your Integrated Unit Plan, you will determine ways to differentiate in order to meet all of your learners’ various needs. You will want to think about the on-level, gifted and talented, exceptional, below-level, and special education students to name a few. Think about differentiating via process, product, content, environment, learning styles and abilities, disabilities, extensions, remediations, etc. Harken back to your Diversity and Elementary School Learners assignment where you discussed elements of diversity and differentiation. You will need to identify a variety of learner needs and include ways to adapt at least 3 learning activities in your 5 lesson plans. Note that this section is included as parts 3 and 4 of the total IUP, and you are not to create new lessons, but rather specifically delineate how you are addressing differentiation in your 5 lesson plans that you have already created. Explicitly note the adaptations, modifications and how you are differentiating in this section.
For Part 4, you will simply include your reference list, deleting your sections on explanations of how they relate to your Integrated Unit Plan. Resources should come from the collaborative resource assignment submitted during Module/Week 4. At least 10 references should be included in current APA format. Also,For this assignment, collect 10 professional, beneficial resources that will help you to become a more effective teacher. Make sure to include 5 resources that deal with elementary school issues or basic instructional techniques and 5 resources that deal with the content topic for which you will be planning. Please include the resource description and how the resource could be utilized.
These sources will be used in your Integrated Unit Plan. Resources and references should include websites, texts, and scholarly research articles published within the past 5 years that promote the effective teaching of elementary school students or provide ideas for curriculum development.


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