Operation PAPERCLIP (US covert operation)

Assignment task: Choose an intelligence operation or covert operation and assess its success and/or failure and the reasons for the success and/or failure”

The operation I have chosen was a success, but please read the document labeled Operation PAPERCLIP to understand the direction I want to go. I will attach for you at least six sources, but you may have to find some of your own to fulfill my request. Please ensure you read the Word documents that I attach, they are essential to creating a paper similar to or exactly as I want. However, if you find that some of the references do not work for you, please disregard them and use your own. Also, please ask me every question imaginable, I do not mind.

Also, the instructor of the class like the citation in the “Author, date” format Chicago/Turabian. Try usinghttps://www.eturabian.com/turabian/index.html.

I will do the title page and abstract. 

Body of paper

Introduction to include research question, purpose statement, significance

Literature review refined from the earlier assignment submitted in 

Methodology including discussion of the design of the study, theoretical framework, and data collection;

Analysis and Findings may include case study;

Summary and conclusions should provide recap of project, provide answer to original research question and provide recommendations for future research.

References List in proper citation format;
Appendices, if appropriate


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