NUR3821 Module 10 Group Blog NUR3821 Module 5 Group Discussion NUR3066C discussion 2 NUR3066C discussion 3 NUR3066C discussion 4

NUR3821Module 10 Group Blog-
Prompt: FIU emergency system just announced a bomb explosion in the architectural building. As a college of nursing you and your colleagues decide to act and assist the police department with the medical aspect of triage care. Where do you begin? What plan of action can you suggest at this time?

NUR3821Module 5 Group Discussion – Affordable Care Act
Prompt: The Affordable Care Act seeks to improve the quality of care and the manner in which that care is delivered, while at the same time reducing costs.
Under the Quality of Care & Delivery systems at the following website: systems.html
Explain how the Affordable Care Act strives to produce better experiences for individuals living with chronic illness. Please provide scholarly articles to support your discussion.

NUR3066C discussion 2- what are the implications of nursing and the role of the nurse regarding patient Mental Status, Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Assessment Techniques?

NUR3066C discussion 3- H. N., a 53 year old Hispanic housekeeper, has come into the emergency department with epistaxis of 2 hours’ duration. Vital signs are BP 160/100, P 86, R 19, T 37.3 C. She states that her normal pressure is 110/70.
Discuss the developmental, age, socioeconomic, and cross-cultural considerations that should be considered during the gathering of subjective and objective data and the provision of health care.
Relate expected findings to the findings described.
Discuss any additional information that might be needed before a judgment or diagnosis can be made.
Identify at least one relevant nursing diagnosis for any actual or potential problem identified.

NUR3066C discussion 4- Search the Internet for dietary assessment instruments. Discuss how the instrument can be best utilized in nursing. Then investigate if the tool has been proven effective in the nursing literature.
• American Diabetes Association,
• American Dietetic Association,
• American Heart Association,
• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
• National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease,,,
• Nutrition Explorations,
• MyPyramid Tracker,


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