New product introduction for a successful frozen foods company

(TruEarth case can be found in the course pack. You will use the case facts to complete this assignment).
This is a case about a possible new product introduction for a successful frozen foods company. It is a typical business problem with many unknowns.
For this assignment you play the role of Isabel Eckstein, the product manager in the case. The VP Marketing has asked for an executive presentation in which you analyze the situation and present your recommendation. The VP has told you that your presentation must be no more than 5 pages in length (PPT) and that you must cover the following:
1.Brief analysis of the situation and the opportunity, including a SWOT
2.Interpretation of market research in the case including a point of view on whether the research supports/does not support the launch.
3.Summary of potential unit sales (purchases), gross margin, revenues with commentary. Also submit a completed financial template as a backup. (template provided by instructor)
4.Clear statement of your recommendation.
An excel spreadsheet is attached with the template for the case financials. You should complete the template, and turn it in with the assignment. The spreadsheet does not count as a page in the PPT. You should summarize the spreadsheet results in your PPT.


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