Negotiation Analysis

In this project, you are to negotiate a series of Four or more trades, starting with a paperclip and ending with something substantially more valuable.

Three Important Rules

  1. Don’t trade with relatives or your significant other.
  2. Don’t pay another person for an item you receive in a trade. No cash, checks, or IOUs are allowed. However, gift certificates or vouchers that can be redeemed by anyone are permissible.
  3. Conduct at least 4 trades. You are encouraged to try many more! Your receipt of the paperclip with these instructions does not count toward the 4 trades.


You will submit a 1). negotiation log (see sample below) of all your trades. You will also complete 2). an analysis (single-spaced, double-spaced between paragraphs) with minimum word of 650, emphasizing which negotiation strategies worked best for you across the entire series of negotiations.

Your negotiation log should include: The part of yellow highlight will be provided

  • Item and approximate value
  • Date of trade
  • Who you traded with (name and relationship to you)
  • Rationale as to how negotiation partners were chosen.
  • Discussion of what occurred, what items were negotiated for, how you attempted to influence your partner, thoughts on why you were successful.

Your analysis should consider the following questions:

  • What enabled you to negotiate for something more valuable?
  • Which negotiation strategies worked well, which didn’t?
  • Why was the person willing to give you something more valuable compared to what he or she received from you?
  • What information did you share with the person you negotiated with? Why?
  • What information did you withhold from the person you negotiated with? Why?
  • Over time, did you get better at negotiating? In what way?
  • What trades were the most satisfying to you? To the other party?
  • What did you learn during the process?
  • What guidelines/recommendations would you give that provide useful advice for engaging in negotiations?


One Paperclip Rubric            
One Paperclip Rubric
Criteria Ratings Pts
Engaged in three negotiation/influence attempts, and provided a rationale for how these individual(s) and/or organization(s) were chosen Conducted 3 or more influence attempts and provided well-organized and thorough rationale as to how these three participants were chosen. Conducted 3 influence attempts but did not choose these experiences wisely (i.e., knew both individuals well and/or did not provide a clear explanation as to how/why these three participants were chosen). Did not engage in 3 interactions and/or provided limited or no information about who, when, what of these interactions.     6 pts
6 pts 3 pts 0 pts    
Planning and Preparation. Thoroughly completed the negotiation logs and provided a detailed and relevant discussion of what occurred in the various influence attempts A well-thought out negotiation sheet, which would have benefited from a deeper set of descriptions of how the various negotiation and influence attempts unfolded. An incomplete or sketchy negotiation log that would have benefited from a more well-thought-out description and analysis of what occurred in the influence attempt Did not complete the negotiation logs, or did not show strong, well thought-out preparation for the interactions. No Marks 9 pts
9 pts 6 pts 3 pts 2 pts 0 pts
Learnings and Recommendations. Developed a set of guidelines and/or recommendations that provides useful advice for engaging in negotiation interactions. Outcomes of two interactions, comparisons, takeaways. Provided clear, well developed takeaways from the three interactions, in addition to comparing and contrasting the interactions thoroughly and insightfully. Provided broad and general overview of the events that occurred in the three interactions. While, the takeaways and comparisons showed a good deal of insight, more detail on the nature of the interactions and your overall takeaways would have added value. Identified some useful recommendations but they were either not specific enough and/or the overall organization and presentation needs improvement. Did not really have clear descriptions of what occurred in the two interactions, not very insightful takeaways. No Marks 12 pts
12 pts 9 pts 6 pts 3 pts 0 pts
Professional appearance. Write-up was professional in appearance (well-written, well-organized) Outstanding organization, writing, and presentation. Professional in appearance (meets standard) Appears to be thrown together with very little thought No Marks   3 pts
3 pts 2 pts 1 pts 0 pts  
Total Points: 30            


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