module 6 week 11

Submit by a 3- to 4-page paper in which you accomplish the following:
•Write a brief description of the degree path and specialization you plan to pursue.
•Then, explain at least two strategies you are likely to use to build a network with colleagues and explain why these particular strategies would support professional collaboration.
•Explain how you might apply the perspective of your degree pathway and specialization to a problem related to a topic about which you are passionate.
•Identify two goals—one personal and one professional—that will support you as you continue on your chosen degree pathway. Explain how these personal and professional goals inform how you might address a problem related to your topic.

For Part 1, write a brief description of the degree path and specialization you believe you are planning to pursue. Then, explain at least two strategies you are likely to use to build a network with colleagues and explain why these particular strategies would support professional collaboration.

Part 2: Next Steps

In this module’s Discussion, you assumed a professional role associated with your degree path and specialization. In your post, you explained how you might approach the case study problem from the perspective of this role. In Part 1 of the Assignment, you wrote a brief description of the degree path and specialization you intend to pursue. For this part of the Assignment, you will explain how you might approach a topic about which you are passionate based on the degree path and specialization you are pursuing.

When you began this course, you identified topics about which you are passionate. You also began considering how obtaining your advanced graduate degree might help you make a difference in one of these areas. Select one of these topics to address for this Assignment.

Be sure to review the Degree Path Road Map to consider how professionals with different degrees address education-related problems. Reflect on how you might approach a problem related to your selected topic from the perspective of the degree path and specialization you are pursuing.

For Part 2, based on this reflection, identify two goals – one personal and one professional —that will support you as you continue on your chosen degree pathway.

my discussion submission:
The professional role I selected is that of higher education leadership and management. It deals with the consideration of issues related to the adoption of effective leadership and management styles that will facilitate the success of a learning institution. I believe that proper leadership is essential for the realization of the desired academic excellence. There is the need to have specific management standards that ought to be implemented by the various heads of schools all through the state. It is evident from the case that the prevalent problem is deteriorating academic performance, thus, the need for the adoption of solutions to improve the situation (Walden University 2013). This essay, therefore, looks at the recommended proposals of how to improve the general academic performance and how the recommendations ought to be implemented to achieve effective results. 
First, there is the need for the school heads to have leadership and management qualifications. This ought to be one of the fundamental requirements for the holders of such posts. This will ensure that there are proper management and leadership skills that have the full potent of making the learning institutions realize their goals and objectives. This aspect can be implemented by ensuring that such a qualification is made a mandatory requirement for individuals seeking this position. For the continuing school heads, they ought to be allowed a period of two years for them to enroll in leadership and management course or be relieved of their duties. 
Secondly, there is the need for proper learning equipment where all the school ought to have enough learning materials such as textbooks and well-trained instructors. This is very critical since only those who are well trained have the ability to teach what is required for academic consumption among the students. The implementation of this can be achieved by ensuring that all schools have a clear budget that captures all the requirements for each and every academic year. Thus, it is the responsibility of the State Education Department to ensure that the necessary finances are allocated for such purposes. The schools should also be equipped with the tools they need to help the disabled learners feel accommodated. The assistive technologies ought to be acquired to facilitate the learning among the physically challenged students. The management of the schools has to ensure that they have the specially designed facilities such as the hearing aids for such students alongside the specialized instructors to handle such disabled learners (Bush, 2007).
The management has the responsibility of seeing that every learner is treated equally without any discrimination based on their condition or factor. The overall objective of the entire exercise is to ensure that the general academic performance among all the learners has been substantially improved without any compromises being made. The State Department of Education ought to make sure that there is uniformity regarding remuneration among all the teachers in the same grade. This is to ensure that there are no discrepancies that might discourage the instructors from discharging their duties faithfully. It is, therefore, critical for the salaries of all the teachers to be harmonized for the purpose of achieving the required uniformity (Laureate Education 2014).
In summary, the recommended legislations include the ensuring that there is necessary equipment to facilitate learning among the physically challenged students, adequacy of the required learning resources in all schools and be uniformity in the teachers’ remunerations. When these are considered, the desired academic excellence in these schools will be achieved. Besides, teachers will be motivated to embrace efforts that meet the learning needs of their students. 

Bush, T. (2007). Educational Leadership And Management: Theory, Policy And Practice. South African Journal Of Education, 27(3), 391-406.
Laureate Education (Producer). (2014). Which Road Are You On?
Walden University. (2013). Which Program Is Right for You? Ed.S, Ed.D., Or Ph.D.?

•Walden University. (2013). Which program Is right for you? Ed.S, Ed.D., or Ph.D.? Retrieved from

•Laureate Education (Producer). (2014). Which road are you on? [Video file]. Retrieved from


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