model a construction

– Assignment #3
 Locate an article describing the use of computer simulation to model a construction
related operation.
 Summarize the paper in one page.
 What was the simulation used for?
 What is the importance of modelling this task/process?
 How was the model built? Where did the input come from? Was it deterministic or
nondeterministic? What is the output?
 What were the benefits of building and running this model?
 Write a critique for this paper in another page.
 What do you think of the choice of simulation for solving the problem?
 What do you think of the way the simulation model was built?
 What do you think of the results? Where can they be used? What did we learn?
 What could have been done better? What could be done next?

– Use the attached Sample for my colleague as support include all the details which he did in your own words and critique. (Take care from plagiarism)

1 page – Description about the article
1 page – critique and suggest (Follow the above points/questions to be answered)


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