Mini-poster Review

Assessment 1 – Mini-poster Part B Mini-posters will be made available via the eLearning site for this unit of study. Mini-posters will be identified by title and specialty. Following submission you will be required to select a minimum of two mini-posters to review. One of these mini-posters must be designated as coming from outside your specialty area (for example, if you are currently enrolled in the Graduate Certificate in Intensive Care Nursing you will be required to review one Emergency nursing mini-poster and one ICU nursing poster). For each mini-poster reviewed, post a considered comment/questions on the eLearning discussion list titled Mini-posters. In the subject heading insert the title of the mini-poster and author’s name to allow for quick identification. It is important that each of these postings represent some thoughtful consideration of the topic. You can use this as an opportunity to seek clarification or to respectfully challenge what is written. Please include references where appropriate. Postings must adhere to conventions of net etiquette. The eLearning site will have documents titled “Instructions for Preparation” and “Marking Criteria” under the assessments tab in the folder for Assessment 1. Please refer to these carefully to maximize your marks for this assessment.


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