This is for Extra Credit. Points are taken off for poor grammar, misspelling, poor sentence structure (such as awkward phrasing), and missing information (see directions below for what information should be included).
The topic for the 2nd Review (AR2) is: Demand and/or Supply for a product. It is due after Test 1.
What I am looking for is an article that is about a product (the Volt, iPhone, Crocs, the Tesla, etc.) where something about the demand or supply (or the quantities demanded or supplied) of the product is brought up in the article. For example, there may be an article that looks at the increase in the demand (change in tastes) in form of more sales for hybrid and electric cars. The article might also mention the fact that the industry is making more of these cars in response to more people buying them (demand shifted to the right and the quantity supplied increased). The article does not need to say there is an increase in demand, it may simply say that there has been an increase in sales.
Remember that the changes in demand come about because of changes in: Tastes and preferences (more people are preferring electric or hybrid cars, people are starting to buy homes again, more electronic devises are being sold,…), incomes, number of buyers, prices of other products, and expectations.
Changes in supply result from changes in: production costs (resource or input prices, taxes and subsidies, technology), number of sellers, prices of other products they could make, and expectations.
To get full points make sure that you follow my directions for writing the review.


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