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1)    Please describe the target investor that could possibly offer the highest price for A&E GmbH (one with the lowest cost of capital).
2)    How much capital is needed for the forthcoming years assuming that the company manages to retain its cash on the level of 2% of the planned revenues?
3)    Assuming that the company manages to find an investor interested in minority stake of A&E GmbH (the capital involvement of the minority shareholder will allow to secure required liquidity), please calculate the number of shares which should be issued in the IPO to ensure that current owners will not be diluted, taking into consideration the presented valuation of the company.
4)    Based on your own intuition, try to determine what kind of discount in the form of additional shares may require a potential investor interested in in minority stake of A&E.
5)    Market analysis shows that a stock-listed company operating in the same industry as A&E GmbH may be interested to purchase the latter. The financial characteristics of this entity are the following:
a.    Capitalization – 35 m. CHF
b.    Current value of the common stock capital – 20 m. CHF
c.    Number of issued shares – 1 m.
After a series of talks with the company’s representatives, it appears that the company is willing to acquire 100% of shares of A&E GmbH provided that it would have to pay only 1 m. CHF in cash, and cover the rest of payment by issuing its own shares. Taking this offer into account, determine the exchange parity between shares and the target shareholding of Zigler family in the shareholding structure of that listed company.

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