Mental health essay

Essay (3000 word limit)
For the essay you must present a clinical case (about 1500 words) to be followed by an (about) 1500 word Critical Evaluation of the management of the patient(s) with reference to evidence based treatment and outcome research relevant to the patient’s problems. The essay is to be submitted through Turnitin via the vUWS dropbox (see link below) on the Thursday of Week 8 by 1700 (5:00pm). Total word count is 3000 words including references. Marks will be deducted if it is over the word count. Paper copies will not be accepted. Penalties will apply for late submissions. Please attach the Essay cover sheet for Mental Health 2016.pdf to your essay.

The Essay is about the case that is well illustrated in the power-point attached . Regarding the management of This case the areas needs to be criticized are:-
1- using atypical antipsychotic (Seroquel ) with patients with substance induced psychosis.
2- Using antidepressant (Avanza) with alcohol induced depression and How Nor-epinephrine serotonin reuptake inhibitors work.
3- The role of cognitive behavioural therapy with this patient
4- The role of rehabilitation for quitting alcohol and Cannabis with this patient and how effective Aboriginal drugs and alcohol rehabilitation centres should work and should do for this patient.


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