Medication Errors

 Introduction‐
 Offers a detailed description of the statement of purpose for the paper.
 Identifies the clinical issue which is the topic of the Capstone evidence based clinical paper.
i. A clinical issue or problem drawn from one of the four main categories of the NCLEX‐RN examination blueprint:
1. Assurance of a safe and effective care environment
2. Health promotion and maintenance of health
3. Preservation of the patient population’s psychosocial integrity
4. Preservation of the patient population ’s physiological integrity
 Patient Population: Identifies the patient population that is impacted by the clinical issue.
 Importance: Explains the importance of the clinical issue to the health of the patient population as well as identify the potential long‐term negative effect if the clinical issue is not addressed.
 Exploration of the literature‐
 Background: Provide summary of background information in describing the clinical issue:
i. The effect of the clinical issue on the population of interest.
ii. Identifies at least one contributing factor.
iii. Identifies potential negative effects of leaving the clinical issue unresolved.
 Solution to the clinical problem‐ Propose the best solution for solving the clinical problem that
can be carried out by a nurse through the use of appropriate evidence based data: i. Peer‐reviewed journal articles
ii. Scholarly sources
 Reference Page: (APA 6th edition formatting)


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