Market research on home security IP camera sensor market size

I would like someone carrying out a market research on ‘home security camera’ (or ‘IP camera’). It usually belongs to ‘consumer camera’ category so requires a through research to extract relevant data such as revenue and market share of various suppliers. Note: home security camera or IP camera is a different category from ‘security camera’ or ‘surveillance camera that refers to high-end B2B industry.

Specifically, the following contents are required to be included into the report. The report could contain no more than 3 A4 pages in MS word (*.docx):

1. The market size of home security camera or IP camera in USD
(e.g. xx billion USD for 2015 ~ 202x),
2. The current (2017 or 2018) market share across various suppliers
(e.g. xx% for Xiaomi, xx% for Nest, … –> graphical illustration¬†¬†such as pie chart in excel preferred), &
3. Any market forecast report on home security camera or IP camera (if available).

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