Market Research



You are the market challenger that intended to open a medium size coffee shop in Sydney regions. You are now making the market researches and data analysis for the best strategies and customer target for your shop.

This Report is the second stage of our market research, develop from our first stage of the location analysis (the report is attached)

The Chosen Suburbs for our market research:

  • Crows Nest (NSW, 2065)
  • Mosman (NSW, 2088)

Within the report, these following information have to be taken into consider:

  • Market Performance Analysis, in depth:
    • Number of Target Customers
    • Number of office workers/ residences in the area
    • What do they want? : What type of job they do, what are their working habit, break time etc.
    • Estimate of opening hour, Travel time (car park, buses, transport etc)
    • Traffic flow: Need to estimate the number of pedestrian via the main business street (for example: Willoughby rd). Estimate the potential customer coming from around area etc
  • Business Analysis
    • Current average sales of current local businesses (in term of coffee, semi-restaurant and restaurant)
    • Potential Benefit, sale, cost estimation. Sales Estimate in the next 5 years
    • Ratio Rent/Sale

The report need to maximize the usage of: Table, Graph, Data, Ratio etc. Minimal in term of text only


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