marine critter

In your paper, you should define your creature by describing a little about its taxonomy, e.g., domain, class, genus, species. You must include, at very least, the binomial in the correct format (refer to lecture on topic; e.g., Homo sapiens, or Mytilus edulis). Also describe where it is found and when. What features or adaptations make your organism suited to its environment? What does it eat, how does it acquire food, exchange gasses, deal with changes in pressure, or temp, or salinity…? Does it migrate? Can it move? How? Also add all the coolest stuff about your organism!!

Now, of course, you know that you must not plagiarize others work, so you will be expected to reference most of the information in your paper. Supply in-text references, AND a separate References section at the end (not part of the 2 pages). For example: “The biggest creature in the ocean is the Huge Whalethingy, Whaley humungicus, found exclusively in tropical and subtropical oceans (Parsons, 1922).”

Then, in your references section, you would have the full reference:

Parsons, Gene. 1922. Occurance of the Huge Whalethingy in tropical and subtropical waters of the Gumdrop Sea. Journal of Dubious Findings. 2:14-36.

Choose whatever reference style you like, as long as it includes the main info and is standard throughout.


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