Manufacturing proposals for gearbox and square Screw.

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Me and my group at the uni are required to do a design project, any way each one of us should do his part and my part which I want you to kindly do is to write a report about:
1- Manufacturing proposals for gearbox.
2- Manufacturing proposals for square Screw.
*Kindly have a quick read on this brief which does not include any of the requirements but just because it may help you to understand more of what me and my group should do:
The main objective is to design an access cowl actuator that is capable of being manufactured in factories. However, considering the unit cost of the equipments and the electric supply within the approximate requirement the specification of actuator and it working is classified within detailed and carried over within the best engineering concept.
Pneumatic cowl actuator is a part of aircraft which covers the engine. It works with angular motions by the movement of actuator which led to open/close of cowl. The report includes the design of cowl actuator with specific dimensions. Carried on with the material selected for the equipments, torque and other calculations have been done on Ball screw size, sample gearbox, power screw, bearing and motor. Manufacturing report has also been conducted to form a better engineering element in the market. All requirements have been considered as a major aspect of thee project and design and costing is illustrated by the professional SOLIDWORKS software and CES EDUPACK have been )
So In conclusion all I want is a report about
1- Manufacturing proposals for gearbox.
2- Manufacturing proposals for square Screw.
All the proposals, why, cost … etc.

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