Managment theory and practice (business)

Woolworths (supermarket/grocery store chain in Australia, owned by Woolworths Limited)

Assessment Item 3

Title: Case Study
Purpose: To integrate and apply your understanding of the management theories, models, principles and practices, covered during the semester, in the study of an organisation’s management. The organisation is that which you specified in Assessment Item 2.
Length or Duration: 3000 words
Weighting: 60%
Group or Individual: Individual
Your task:

A. Begin with the 1000 word environmental analysis undertaken as Assessment Item 2 (which should be included in your submision of the case study). Note that this 1000 word insertion does not count towards the 3000 word limit for Assessment Item 3 and any references cited in Assessment 2 should be consolidated in the alphabetically-ordered reference list at the end of Assessment Item 3.

B. Then, in about 300 words, describe the organisation’s mission and governance offering any appropriate critique by way of management audit in the light of management theory.

C. In about 700 words, on the basis of your Assessment Item 2, describe and analyse the strategic position of the organisation with reference to a defined model such as a SWOT analysis or Porter’s forces model, linking to your environmental analysis (Assessment 2).

D. In about 1500 words, describe and analyse the organisation’s management in the light of management theory, with reference to its ethical decision making, culture, and planning leading, organising and controlling functions.

E. In about 500 words, provide a concluding paragraph summarising your management audit, with any appropriate recommendations.

F. Include a reference list of publications cited, using standard APA forrmat.




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