Managerial Accounting

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The research should include at least the following:
1. Emphasize a theoretical debate around the topic ( SAAS) from a selected academic research and do the critical analysis by providing the other opinion I will attach the research under name ( Evaluating cloud computing) and you can add other research if you want.

2- Articulate the main keywords with related explanations. by providing a definition (adding the view, reducing view, changing)

3- Locate the topic within the accounting standards. ( through ACCOUNTING STANDING – IFRS ) such us a similarity with IFRS) you can find the similarity in IAS38 pdf in Web or IFRS cloud computing.

4- Propose numeric examples to better understand impact on your selected company.(COMPANY OF SAAS APPLICATION) VARIABLE COST FLEXIBLE COST FOR 3 DIFFERENT YEARS in excel sheet use AED CURRENT ) for example we are a company and we rent a space from the other cloud company and sell it to others.
5- Interpret the outcomes in the UAE if possible. FIND ANY COMPANY IN UAE. As a company to sell SAAS application such as eHosting Datafort company

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