Management Concepts Class

Please read complete instruction attached
To: Management Concepts Class

RE: Test 1
Date: February 21, 2016
Here are your instructions for successful delivery of your mid-term evaluation.
Based on the most recent list of the Great Place To Work Institute’s 100
Best Companies to Work For”, published in 2015, fulll the following steps.
First, pick any one of the top 100 companies1 and research, then identify a
management behavior expressed by that organization which is associated with
each of the text chapters 1 to 5.
1. Take each identied behavior and evaluate its impact on one of the fol-
lowing three key organizational outcomes; namely, performance, retention,
and absenteeism. For example, are the company’s strategy supportive of
employee retention?
2. Conclude your paper with a series of recommendations that other organi-
zations could adopt for better performance. Be sure to base these recom-
mendations on the management theories that you have studied so far, and
support these recommendations by predicting their impact on the outcome
that you chose from step two (performance, retention, or absenteeism).
3. These exams should be approximately ten typed pages, team produced
(maximum of 7 members), and include all appropriate citations in ac-
ceptable format. Your paper will be evaluated according to the following
Theoretical support
Persuasive strength of recommendations
Writing clarity, including proper grammar, syntax, and punctuation
Creative application of management principles
This test can be completed in teams, and is due as listed in your syllabus. Good
luck. I am looking forward to reading your reports.

This document is released under a Creative Commons, Share Alike by Attribu-
tion license. Information on this license may be found at
1this list is available at the following website:


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