Management 260 – Introduction To Law

You are expected to research the law and determine the answer to the question or find the requested information. You should use Westlaw to get access to cases and/or statutes, depending on the question. Even if you think you know the answer, based upon what we have covered in class, you should research the law to be certain. You should explain what you have found. There is no expected length of your answer and you can use outline format to present it, if you prefer.
The research topic is
2. Approximately two months ago, Tom purchased a used car from Horizon Motors. Since that date, the car has been brought in for repairs three times for the same problem, and it currently is experiencing the same problem. The car shuts off unexpectedly while being operated, causing great inconvenience and safety concerns, and requires Tom to pull to the side of the road to rest the engine for 10 to 15 minutes before the car will start. Tom learned from an employee of Horizon that the vehicle had been returned by another buyer for the same problem. What possible remedies exist for Tom under Massachusetts law?
You should use westlaw to find similar case and write 2 pages about your answer based on what you have found.
Westlaw web:


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