Macro forces analysis

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The project is two parts here is the first.
Macro forces analysis within an international market
You will prepare and present a macro market environment analysis of an international market which is currently growing and presents a number of opportunities for investment. When you conduct this analysis you should imagine that you are being hired by a group of investors who have no or very little information about international markets. In particular this group of investors wants to know about the economic, cultural, technological, competitive and political environment within a promising international market. The group of investors is also very interested in knowing the business and investment opportunities and threats that may exist within the market. In order to conduct this analysis you should follow the following steps:
Select an international market (you cannot choose any markets within the GCC region).
Research (mostly secondary data) about the economic, cultural, technological, competitive and political environment within the international market
Present detailed information about the opportunities and threats
Make suggestions and recommendations to the group of investors about:
which industry/sector, within the international market, should they invest in and why?
suggest a portfolio of products/services that could be considered for investment
Your report should be about 1200-1500 words. Supporting data (in the form of tables, figures and graphs) should be presented clearly and in an easy to understand form. The quality and amount of relevant facts and supporting statistical data determines the credible and dependability of your international market analysis.
Some useful sites (you need to find more similar websites to expand the scale and scope of your data search)
– CIA 2005 World Fact Book (
– Global Edge Country Insights (

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