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The assignment consists of writing three additional pages to our previous assignment. Please follow the directions carefully. READ the supplied document that we wrote and do the following.<br />
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Write an additional 3 pages to your Week Three paper that detail the design and associated logic to implement name resolution. Include the specific placement of any required Domain Controllers (DCs), Global Catalog Domain Controllers (GC/DCs) and Read-Only Domain Controllers (RODCs). Address the following requirements from the service request:<br />
<br />
<br />
• Kudler Fine Foods<br />
<br />
o Replication strategy to include the possible use of RODCs <br />
<br />
• Locations outside of California will have one location that has a fast connection networked via slower connections to all other locations in the state.<br />
• All locations in California will have fast connections.<br />
<br />
RECAP<br />
————<br />
Start a new document, add the headers for each topic you are writing about. Then continue to get into detail about each topic. I will copy and paste the documents together, but it is important that you make the essay flow together like its just where we left off in week 3.<br />
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If this is unclear, please write me back, as soon as possible.

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