Leading and Managing in Organisations (3 separate parts)

First portfolio 1000 words – You need to compare and contrast 2 leadership theories, 2 of the following – Tannenbaum and Schmidt, Hersey and Blanchard, Blake and Mouton.

2. Portfolio – 1000 words
Discuss the question, ”Is conflict always dysfunctional in the workplace?”
Must use academic theory.

3. Portfolio – 1000 words
Organisations change invariably prompts and emotional response. How might organisations use the Organisational Development model to ensure more positive outcomes? 
Must relate to academic theory within writing.

Academic Year: 2015 / 16   –   Semester 1


Module assessment detail (approved at validation as amended by module modification)

Module code & title 5HR002 Leading and Managing in Organisations
Module Learning outcomes:      Indicate

if tested here

LO1 Identify and explain the concepts of leading and managing others in respect of current and key leadership theories. Yes
LO2 Explain and discuss theories that impact upon conflict management approaches relevant to the management of people. Yes
LO3 Explain some of the basic theoretical constructs of managing change in the workplace by applying the Organisation Development model.


Assessment type Weighting (%)

Portfolio (containing four assignments)



Assessment type, weighting and LOs tested by this assessment indicated in the shaded area above.

Important requirements (Delete where appropriate, if other please provide detail)

Mode of Working:                                Individual

Presentation Format:                             Portfolio of 3 assignments


Assessment limits (in accordance with UWBS assessment tariff)


1000 words for each of the four assignments in the portfolio = total portfolio of 3000 words (excluding references and appendices)




Do clearly state your student number when submitting work but do not indicate your name.       Always keep a copy of your work.

The detailed requirements for this task are as follows:

Instructions: You are required to develop a portfolio. The portfolio has four parts (referred to as Portfolio assignments 1, 2, 3 and 4) but is submitted as one document (4000 words). Your portfolio encourages you to develop greater self-awareness and to explore strategies and approaches to leadership and managing others. Your portfolio should be well written from an academic perspective and well presented, grammar, punctuation and spelling. You must engage with relevant theory and perspectives explored within formal lectures and guided reading from the recommended literature, fully supporting your portfolio with accurately cited academic references throughout.

The three assignments that form the final portfolio, cover different aspects of the module content as follows:

Portfolio Assignment 1 – (1000 words)

Compare and contrast two leadership theories. You should support your argument with academic theory, research and references.

Portfolio Assignment 2 – (1000 words)

Discuss the question, “Is conflict always dysfunctional in the workplace?” You must refer to academic theory and your answer should be supported by references.

Portfolio Assignment 3 – (1000 words)

Organisational change invariably prompts an emotional response. How might organisations use the OD (Organisational Development) model to ensure more positive outcomes? You should relate to academic theory within your writing.

You must submit these as four portfolio assignments, but together as one word document, references at the end of each section and in the Harvard style.


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